Truncate control tables

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Database Development

The statement is often made that no individual should have rights to truncate a table. However, many data warehouse processes run updates by doing just that. The process truncates the table and re-populates it with updated data.

So, one solution is to create a truncate control table and populate it with schema_name, table_name, user, sysdate, and comments. You then can create a “TRUNCATE_TABLE” procedure that only truncates the tables that an individual user has permissions to truncate in the TRUNCATE_CONTROL table.

I ran into a snag when I went to do this on one of my procedures. I inserted a line into the TRUNCATE_CONTROL table and gave the user execute privileges on the procedure. When I compiled the procedure, I got “insufficient privileges.” What I discovered is that, yes the user had the necessary privileges to truncate the table but the schema did not. So I needed to grant execute on the TRUNCATE_CONTROL procedure to the schema owner…

grant execute on truncate_table to schema_name;


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