UNIX Command Line or EM12C: The Past Verses the Present

Posted: March 4, 2014 in OEM12c, UNIX Command Line and SQL PLUS

I had an interview yesterday. Due to an interesting development at my present job, I had to re-interview for my current position. As I have indicated before, I am of the opinion that if I can do it with EM12C, I will do it with EM12C.

One individual in my interview, who shall remain nameless because I can’t remember his name, asked me an interesting question concerning my preference to use EM12C…

What happens to your monitoring scripts if/when EM12C crashes? What is your backup plan?

When I hear a question like that, I assume the person either has never used EM12C or… they are a die hard UNIX Command Line guy.

  • A.  I am thinking, in my head, Since I have started using EM12C, my job has become ten times easier. Since I am the sole full-time Oracle DBA, this means I can actually get more work done in an eight hour period.”
  • B.  My response was, “Every monitoring or RMAN script that I run with OEM12C is also saved on the UNIX file system and can be run manually.”

I am going to research this a bit more but my inclination is that I can use EMCLI to find and run my monitoring jobs from the UNIX command line console.

Thoughts?? Ideas??


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