On Resolutions… and fear of failure.

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Most people who don’t do New Years Resolutions say it’s because they end up breaking them.

I made a couple of bullet proof resolutions that we really won’t know if they are fulfilled until the end of this year.

1) I resolve to be proud of my 42 year old belly.

Why is this bullet proof? If I don’t achieve my goal of a flat belly by the end of this year, I can just proclaim, “I am proud of my belly!”

2) I resolve to stay at my current job.

This doesn’t sound like much of a resolution but my tax return this year will include four different pay stubs.

3) I resolve to get a snow blower after work today.

This one makes sense if you are from SE Parker like I am and you happen to know how long my driveway is. Okay, this isn’t really a groundbreaking resolution but I am sure to fulfill it unless Big-R runs out of the model I am seeking.

4) I resolve to post more on @dba_jay.

You see what I did there? We won’t know if it is fulfilled until year’s end. It is guaranteed that I won’t break this resolution in the middle of January.

What would you resolve to do if you weren’t afraid of failure?

For those of you who have given up on resolution making, why is this? If it is simply fear of failure, please answer the above question. Then, go out and fulfill the resolution you didn’t really make because you are afraid you might break it. If you don’t want to break your resolution early in the year, make your resolution a goal that you must complete by December 31. If you want to quit eating gluten rich foods, don’t resolve to never eat gluten again. Try resolving to cut down to the minimal amount of gluten by the end of the year.

Had I been afraid of failure, I never would have resolved to finish my Degree at age 35. I also would not have left a dangerous cult, nor made the jump from software developer to DBA. I would not even be in my present job. In many ways, I am failing my way to success. Stay tuned. This is the last non-technical post for awhile…

  1. Thanks, Gary Klingensmith, for coining the phrase, “Failing my way to success.” I heard it from you first but I can’t help but think about it and use it often.

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