RMOUG Training Days is right around the corner!!

Posted: January 7, 2015 in RMOUG

Good Afternoon, Rocky Mountain Oracle Users… and friends!

I am very excited for the upcoming RMOUG Training Days. This year, I am volunteering as a room ambassador. It is nice to get a discounted registration but my main purpose for volunteering is the chance to meet fellow Oracle enthusiasts. I am looking forward to meeting you! If you would like to volunteer, check this link. http://www.rmoug.org/volunteer/

Now that 12c has been out for over a year, many of us will be making the leap to the new database this year. That makes this conference even more exciting as there are a variety of new features classes, RAC12c, RMAN for 12c, etc. If you haven’t registered yet, there are still six days left to take advantage of the early bird rate. http://www.rmoug.org/training/training-days-2015-registration/

There are a variety of Oracle Rockstars that will be presenting at this conference. Some of the most familiar are Thomas Kyte, Jeff Smith, Kellyn Potvin-Gorman, Pete Sharman and many others!

I really hope to see you there! Look for my volunteer badge. I will be standing in the back, eager to hand you a survey and introduce myself.




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