Exadata Bigfile Tablespaces

Posted: January 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

Good afternoon, Oracle fans!

This week, I inherited a newly created database system on an Exadata 1/4 Rack. Not only is this my first time running with Exadata but it is also the first time I have worked with Bigfile Tablespaces. There are a couple of upfront differences between Bigfile Tablespaces and normal tablespaces.

  1. Bigfile Tablespaces are created with one and only one datafile. You are not permitted to add datafiles. If your Bigfile Tablespace gets full, you can only extend it.
  2. When you set a Bigfile Tablespace to autoextend max size unlimited, it is really unlimited. Okay, it is limited to 32 TB. I am used to the standard tablespace which is limited to 32GB when you set it to autoextend max size unlimited. This will be revealed when running Exachk…

Fail message:    Some bigfile tablespaces do not have non-default maxbytes values set     

I am not completely sure why this is considered a failure. It may take years before this becomes a problem. Nevertheless, it’s an easy fix. Determine your maxsize and alter your datafiles set to maxsize unlimited.

alter database datafile '+DATA/some/file/data.dbf' autoextend on maxsize 3T';


Thanks for reading! Only two weeks until RMOUG!!



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