ora.gsd has instances in offline state

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Good morning, Oracle fanatics!

I am excited to report I possess a fresh copy of OEM! I discovered all of my targets, ASM and listeners and am ready to set up notifications and alerts.

I discovered an incident this morning that I had never seen before.

ora.gsd has instances in offline state

My gut reaction when I see the term “offline” is to become concerned. What do you mean “offline” and what do you mean by ora.gsd? It turns out that the function of GSD (10G and above) is to service requests for 9i RAC management clients. When there are no 9i databases present, the GSD should be disabled and therefore “offline”. In fact, according to Oracle Support document#429966.1, GSD is disabled by default in 11.2 and will show “offline”.

So why does this still create an incident in the OEM12c? I wish I knew. Since I really try not to ignore incidents whenever possible, I simply went in and suppressed the warning. I’m sure there is a more glamorous way to do this but it got rid of the incident until Oracle can supply a patch.

Bottom line: If you don’t possess any 9i databases or 9i RAC, there is nothing to worry about. If you do still work with 9i, check out the Oracle Support document#429966.1.

Thanks for reading!!

Jason Brown

  1. Hung Tam Nguyen says:

    Thanks for this. FYI we just upgraded to oem 13,c but still getting this false incident.

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