Create an OEM Administrator with Limited Targets (OEM 12C)

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Good Afternoon, Oracle Fans!

I was asked by my customer to create an OEM user that their development team and management could use to get a bird’s eye view of performance on the database. What I didn’t want to do was show them all of the targets I can see because it includes the entire Exadata Stack. I found a great article from a few years ago that helped me find what I needed.   I have modernized it for version 12C. Here goes!!

1) As SYSMAN, Cick on Setup–> Security –> Administrators


2) From the Administrators page, click create.


3) Enter all the standard info for creating your administrator on the Create Administrator: Properties page. Click Next


4) Remove the PUBLIC role from the default roles list. Click next.


5) From the Target Privileges page, click on Connect to Any Viewable Target.


6) This is the important Part: At the bottom of the Target Privileges Page, add the targets you want the Administrator to be able to view: Click on ADD


Choose your targets and click SELECT.


There are other privilege options you can grant to the user but my customer only needs view target. Click Next.


Review your choices and…



At this point the user can view all the targets you granted to the administrator. If you desire the administrator the ability to connect to the target databases, you will need to create a database user with the needed grants/privileges to do so.

Thanks for reading!



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