RMAN-06457: UNTIL SCN (98553698) is ahead of last SCN in archived logs (98553695)

Posted: April 26, 2016 in Backup and Recovery, RMAN Errors
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Since my last post on Making a Test Restore of a RAC DB Using CommVault and Putty SSH SessionI have performed this operation about five or six times. In the process I have come across more than a few pitfalls. I used to consider myself somewhat proficient with RMAN. Then I added CommVault into the mix. While it looks pretty to the average backup professional, it adds another layer of complexity such as the subject we are about to touch on.

I opened up my own blog post on the subject to perform this restore. As a blogger, I believe it is important to follow your own directions to ensure you won’t lead others astray.

  • I got down to the CommVault portion of the clone. The Backup History details for the full backup I chose to use had four SCN’s to choose from. I first chose the highest SCN. I have been told by Mr. Dexter that using the highest SCN has a high failure rate but I am a slow learner. I got the above error but with the higher SCN.
  • Next, I chose the lowest SCN of the four that the backup history provided. That’s when I got the error that is also the title of my blog post. I pride myself on my attention to detail. Yet, I didn’t read the whole error statement. Let’s look at the whole error statement…

RMAN-06457: UNTIL SCN (98553698) is ahead of last SCN in archived logs (98553695)

  • Can anyone see the SCN I should have used? My lowest SCN was 98553698 but RMAN was trying to tell me the last SCN in the archived logs was 98553695. But it is outside of the range for the backup history! I thought about that. I also remember someone from a previous contract mentioning you can’t always trust SCN’s provided by CommVault. Had I went to the RMAN Console I could have looked at the Backup Script and I am pretty sure the SCN’s would be a little different.
  • I created a third clone job based on all the numbers in the backup job but I supplied 98553695 this time.

This time it worked flawlessly! Ten minutes later I had a new instance! I logged in to SQL Plus, checked its status on v$database and looked at its data files.

Please let me know if you have tried my steps. Especially let me know if you have had any issues. I am very curious about the pitfalls of CommVault as I have used this product for a total of ten months. Hopefully we can work together and get this down to a science.

Thanks for reading!

Jason Brown


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