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OUI-67073:UtilSession failed: Prerequisite check “CheckActiveFilesAndExecutables” failed.

Good afternoon/evening/morning to Oracle Enthusiasts Across our Great Globe!

One of my biggest pet peeves in network television is when a season ends with too many questions and won’t pick up again until next year. For those of you who read my post earlier today, I am sparing you the agony of waiting all weekend to see how my patching turned out!

Earlier today, I published an article on Upgrading to the Latest Patch (OPatch) Utility. This was the primary error I received while trying to apply the bugfix patch for Class of Secure Transport (COST). Since the post ended in an error, I needed to update you with the solution. In truth, I almost backed out and turned the databases back over to the DEV and QA users. However, since these users reside in Europe, they won’t be on shift for several hours. So I kept digging. As usual, the solution was very close.

The logs stated…

OUI-67073:UtilSession failed: Prerequisite check “CheckActiveFilesAndExecutables” failed.

OPatch failed with error code 73

There are two steps to Applying COST to Restrict Instance Registration(of course you need a subscription to get here) The steps are abbreviated on purpose. I am not Oracle Support and patching should be done by strictly following the procedures documented on that page. However, as life turns out, we don’t always get the results that the documentation and the Read Me page presents.

  1. Obtain and Apply bugfix patch 12880299.
    • Download and unzip the patch
    • Upgrade to the latest version of OPatch for your database. Mine was Yes it is an old version.
    • Apply the patch.
      • In the Read Me file, the instructions are to stop all of the Oracle database instances. They are all single instance databases so I shut all of them down.
      • Next, I was to apply the patch. The log stated the above errors.
      • I took to Google and found an interesting article. by an anonymous blogger who calls himself acehints. Thank you, Mr. Acehints. In his situation, he found Enterprise Manager still running and subsequently killed the process. That got me to thinking. This patch is to restrict the listener. Wouldn’t it make sense to stop the listener before applying the patch?
      • Even though the Read Me omitted this step, I stopped the listener.
        • $ lsnrctl stop listener
      • $ opatch apply
      • Start the database instances.
    • Hooray! OPatch was applied successfully!!
  2. Add the COST TCP protocol restriction to the listener.ora to restrict usage to TCP Protocol only.
  3. Start the listener.
  4. Connect to the databases using the listener instead of straight up SQL Plus.
    • $ sqlplus / as sysdba@db_name;
  5. Inform Database users to start their applications.

All appears to be well!

Thanks for reading!